PP and MAKE utilities

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These utilities are a Public Domain "C" preprocessor and MAKE program.

They were originally developed by Logical Systems as part of their Transputer Toolset. They have, however, been released into the public domain. I would like to give particular thanks to Kirk Bailey for bringing them to my attention. While imposing no restrictions on what can be done with these programs, Kirk has expressed an interest in being informed by email about any interesting uses, changes or improvements that are made to these programs.

They are of particular interest in that they implement a ANSI compatible "C" pre-processor and a Unix compatible MAKE in a manner that consumues a minimum of resources. They are therefore particularily suitable for use in which resources are limited. Both programs are written in C with portability in mind. There should be little problem in porting them to any environment which supports a C compiler.

The following files are available for download:

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