LIBRLL library

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The LIBRLL library has arisen out of the work that has been going on to enhance the C68 LD linker to support Runtime Link Libraries (RLL) for use on QDOS and QDOS compatible systems. I found that I was writing similar code to handle RLL libraries or files in both the new linker, and also in other utilities such as the Runtime Link Manager (RLM). This was both time consuming and error prone. In addition we wanted a way to be able to enhance the RLL file formats in the future without the need to change every program that manipulates RLL files. The LIBRLL library means that we can enhance the library, and then simply relink such programs.

The idea behind the LIBRLL library is therefor to provide a generalised way of handling RLL libraries and files that allows one to concentrate on the functionality required and not on the fine details of the file format. The LIBRLL library use an object oriented approach where one manipulates objects in terms of their methods and properties.

Internally the LIBRLL library has to maintain lists of information about the various objects that are made available to the application programmer. To do this it makes extensive use of the LIBLIST library which adopts a similar object oriented approach to providing a generalised way of handling memory lists.

The current state of the LIBRLL library is that it is under development

The following files are available:

We also plan to make the following LIBRLL related files available for download:

I would welcome feedback on the LIBRLL library to tell me if others think that it will be useful (it is already proving its worth in the main RLL development). Please feel free to make suggestions for improvement or enhancement (I realise, however, that until the RLL system is put into general circulation the comments can only be from a concept viewpoint).

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