LIBLIST library

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The LIBLIST library arose out of frustration I met when debugging a C program that was making extensive use of lists. All the books on C techniques often give code fragments, but I wondered if there was a standard library that could do all the mechanics automatically for me. I was unable to locate a generally available library that did it, so I therefore decided to write my own. The project grew beyond its original simple ideas to add some quite sophisticated capabilities.

The LIBLIST library described here is the result. It provides a generic way of handling all types of lists and related structures. The current version supports Single Linked lists, Double linked lists, Queues (FIFO), Stacks (LIFO), Binary Trees, Balanced Binary Trees and Hash Tables.

The LIBLIST library takes an object-oriented approach that provides clean separation between your application logic and any list handling related code. The user uses a simple "Methods and Properties" approach to handling lists, and is not be aware of any of the underlying complexities or control structures.

The following files are available for download: I would welcome feedback on the LIBLIST library to tell me if others find it useful. Please feel free to make suggestions for improvement or enhancement. If you want to report a bug a bit of sample code that reproduces the bug would be helpful. If you simply think the LIBLIST library is great as it stands, then I would also be interested to know. I currently have no idea whether this library fulfills a real need or whether it was just me that encountered the problems that lead me to develop it in the first place.

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