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  • Overview
  • ELVIS for the Psion 3a/3c/Sienna
  • VIM for the Psion 5
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  •  *  Overview

    The "vi" Unix editor is a favourite of many programmers. ELVIS and VIM are public domain clones of this Unix "vi" style editor. ELVIS was developed by Steve Kirkendall, and the ELVIS source is freely available.

    As we are familiar with using VI (or its clones) on a number of different platforms we thought we would like to have the same editor available on the Psion platforms.

     *  ELVIS for the Psion 3a/3c/Sienna

    We ported ELVIS to the Psion 3a (it will also run quite happily on the Psion 3c, Psion 3mx and the Sienna) so that it could be used with CPOC as an alternative to the text editor built into the Psion. ELVIS can also be used, however, as a free-standing editor in its own right completely independently of CPOC. One key benefit of ELVIS is that it does not suffer from the file size limit (of about 40K) of the Psion 3a built-in editor.

    The Psion 3a port is basically a straight port of the core ELVIS code with the minimal changes needed to get it running on the Psion. We then added additional front-end code to add Psion style menus and help. For those interested, the version of ELVIS that we ported was v1.8 patch level 4. If anyone is particularily interested they can contact us to obtain copies of the ELVIS sources which includes the modifications we made to get ELVIS running on the Psion. Just a few features have been added to adapt it to the Psion 3a:

     *  VIM for the Psion 5

    There have been a number of enquiries about whether we intend to to produce a version of ELVIS for the Psion Series 5. There seems to be a particular demand for this as the Psion 5 WORD application (unlike the Series 3a/3c version) cannot edit standard text files.

    We have decided that rather than port ELVIS, we would port a newer VI clone called VIM. This is now getting close to completion. The work is actually being done by my brother. The latest detailed information on progress (and possible early releases) will be available from the VIM page on his web site

    A interesting by-product of our port should be a CURSES library for use with EPOC and its associated screen emulation. This may be of interest to others who are interested in porting Unix based programs that use Curses as their screen handling mechanism.

     *  ELVIS for QDOS/SMS systems

    There is a port of the ELVIS editor available for use on QDOS/SMS systems. This should be compatible with all versions of QDOS and all QDOS compatible systems.

    There are actually two separate variants of the QDOS/SMS port avaialble. These differ by the way that they internally handle the screen. One makes use of the CURSES library to do screen handling. the other makes use of specially written routines that make direct calls to QDOS to do screen handling. They should in principle be functionally equal (barring any bugs).

     *  ELVIS Downloads

    The following are available for download:

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