Runtime Link Library System

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The documentation that makes up the RLL system is split into the following documents.


This section documents major changes that have been made to the RLL documentation. Its prime purpose is to help those who are upgrading their version of the C68 system to identify exactly what has changed.

  • Date By Description
    30th November 1994 DJW Initial version for general comment. Brings together for the first all the RLL and RLM related information
    15th November 1995 DJW Updated slightly for inclusion in the C68 4.20 distribution documentation
    15th February 1996 DJW Updated to reflect current state of the RLL implementation
    15th March 1996 DJW Revisions to the detail of quite a few of the RLL areas to reflect the current state of RLL implementation.
    The addition of the RLM_LinkRLL() and RLM_UnlinkRLL() call descriptions
    11th July 1997 DJW Converted to HTML format.
    Updated to allow for Module handling as well as RLL system.
    24th August 1998 DJW Removed Module system as no longer seemed necessary.