CPOC hardware requirements

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The CPOC system is a large package, and as a result will not run on a minimal Psion 3a/3c. It is unlikely that you will be successful in running CPOC on any system that does not have about 2Mb or more of total storage (made up of built in memory and SSD memory) if you run the full system, or about 1.5Mb if you use CPOC only as a syntax checker. The following gives more detailed guidelines on the requirements:


The storage requirements relate to those files that you need to have installed just to be able to potentially run the CPOC system at all. They will vary according to exactly which options you install. If you install the complete system, then our current estimates are as follows:


The runtime requirements relate to additional memory that will be required dynamically (over and above the storage requirements) while you are actively using the CPOC system. When you close down CPOC, then these resources are released again are available for use by other programs.

Cross-Compilation versions

The cross-compilation versions of CPOC are unlikely to come up against hardware restrictions in the same way as Psion hosted variants as in these environments there is typically much more storage space available. The storage space in these cross-compilation environments is actually very similar in most respects to the Psion hosted ones except for the size of the program files which are typically 2-3 times as large.

One hardware feature that you will need if you are using one of these cross-compilation variants of CPOC is some method of transferring the program files to your Psion. Options include:

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