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We make the source for the main Compiler program freely available. The compiler is known generically as C68, and this is the name by which it is indexed in the Web/Internet archives. However, we personally also use various other names according to the environment in which it is running (i.e. hosted): All variants of the compiler can be built to act as cross-compilers for any of the other processor types. You can even build yourself a version of the compiler that supports multiple target processor types with the actual processor type being selected via runtime parameters. For several of the target processor types the compiler assembler output it is available to support a number of different assemblers. For these cases you can (optionally) elect to support more than one of the assemblers with the actual assembler output format to be used determined by runtime parameters.

We have also done some work to produce a version of the compiler that supports additional features as defined by the ISO C 1999 standard. The details of this work are available here.

We always supply the complete source to the compiler. When building the compiler from this source, you set options up in the config.h configuration file to control exactly what compiler variant you want and what options are to be included.

The following are available for download:

The next set of files are library support routines used by the compiler. The compiler will generate calls to these routines as appropriate to carry out certain functions for which it is not appropriate to generate inline code.

The following is the documentation on the current version of the compiler:

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