C68 ISO C 1999 Enhancements

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This page is for "work in progress" for C68 and has versions of software that are still experimental in nature, or are in late stages of testing. The software on this page will have new features that are not yet fully tested, so these versions may be unstable and/or cause your system to crash. Use these versions of the software at your own risk.

The ISO 1999 C standard introduces a large number of new facilities to the C language.  To support these the C68 compiler and associated programs will need updating. If you want more information on the standard then you can go to the site http://anubis.dkuug.dk/JTC1/SC22/WG14/ which is the home page for the standards committee that defines the ISO C standard.

The following summarises where we are in terms of updates are currently being worked on:

  • New Feature and Implementation Status
  • Pre-processor
  • Compiler
  • Support routines
  • Library Routines
  • The first version of C68 that supports features of this new standard will be Release 5.0. It is intended that when there is sufficient of the new standard implemented to be useful we will make some early releases to the developer community to get early feedback, and progressively add the missing facilities in subsequent point releases.

    Note We do not make any committment to ever complete the implementation of the ISO C 1999 standard. We develop and suppor the C68 compiler as a hobby, and if it gets to hard to implement some of the features we are likely not to bother. Top

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