Buffalo LinkTheater Firmware

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I have a Buffalo LinkTheater (model P3LWG/DVD) which is the one that looks as follows:

There were a large number of firmware releases for this hardware. Each one seemed to fix some past problems, and introduce new ones of it's own. In particular some releases seemed to have issues with playing MP3 files. As a result users do not always want the latest firmware that was released.

The firmware releases were also split up between the European ones that included PAl support and the US ones that did not. I have a European LinkTheater and found I could use either the US or the European firmware releases, so I suspect the hardware was the same in both cases. You need to use the European firmware if you need PAL support.

These different firmware releases do not seem to be easy to obtain any more, and as over time I seem to hace accumulated quite a lot of them I making those I have available. If anyone comes across any firmware updates I do not have listed I would be happy to add them to the list if I am sent a copy.

Note that if you try to downlgrade to an earlier release it frequently fails. In such a case you should first apply a release labelled as a StepStone release and then retry the release you actually want which should now work.


From CD

To save you some effort, you can download the complete set of updates listed below (plus a .htm file to utilise them)

Follow the instructions in the README.TXT file that is included in the downloaded ZIP file.

Alternatively you can create a custom CD (standard ISO data format) containing just the the firmware update(s) that you want. This CD must contain files of the form

where filename1.bin and are the exact names of the .bin files that you put onto the CD, each reprenting a single firmware update. The .bin files are the various update files. The runme.htm file is a text file that references the .bin files you want to use and is in the following format:
<A HREF="filename1.bin" tvid="1" update>1. filename1.bin</a><BR>
<A HREF="filename2.bin" tvid="1" update>2. filename2.bin</a><BR>
...Repeat as necessary...
When you are ready perform the following steps:
  1. Burn a standard data CD with the files to in the root folder of the CD.
  2. Put the CD into the LinkTheater drive
  3. Select the Play DVD option if the CD does not autorun
  4. Press the SETUP button on the LinkTheater remote control
  5. Select the UPDATE option and the the Check for Update option
  6. The check for Update will fail - now press the Home button
  7. Press the Play DVD button again - this time you will be shown files on the CD
  8. Select the RUNME.htm file and play it.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions to apply the update
On some firmware releases steps 4 to 7 are not needed as the list of files is displayed immediately.

Directly from Web Page

An alternative to the CD offline method is to do an online update.

Navigate to this page on the LinkTheater and select the relevant update. The linktheater will then update itself across the internet.


Use this firmware at your own risk as I will not be able to help you if the firmware update process fails.

Note that if you want to "downgrade" to an earlier firmware release than you already have installed, it is likely that you will have to first install one of the Stepstone firmware releases and upgrade from that point.

European firmware

These releasese support both PAL and NTSC.

RUN UPDATE (21-10-070823-03-LTI-254-000 (EU).bin

RUN UPDATE (13-82-060509-03-LTI-254-000.bin)

RUN UPDATE (12-94-060303-03-LTI-254-000.bin

RUN UPDATE (10-80-051019-03-LTI-254-000 (EU PAL).bin)

RUN UPDATE (08-32-050711-02-LTI-254-000 (EU PAL).bin)

RUN UPDATE (06-59-050427-02-LTI-254-000.bin)

Stepstone Firmware (PAL Firmware):
RUN UPDATE (06-45-050422-02-LTI-254-000 (EU PAL).bin)

User Interface Update (Not required for 10-79 or later firmwares):


US firmware

These releasese are NTSC only.

RUN UPDATE (21-10-070823-03-LTI-240-000 (US).bin)

RUN UPDATE (13-82-060703-03-LTI-240-000(US).bin)

RUN UPDATE (12-77-060218-03-LTI-240-000(US).bin

RUN UPDATE (11-63-051214-03-LTI-240-000 (US).bin)
(Upgrade to 11-63 before applying) Sigma dump;
MP3 Static Issues Fixed; DVD Upconversion Temporarily Available WMA9 Pro Audio Changes, DVD Playback Issues Fixed

RUN UPDATE (10-79-051019-03-LTI-240-000 (US).bin)

(Run Stepstone Update prior to loading 09-13 firmware)
RUN UPDATE (09-13-050815-02-LTI-240-000(US).bin)

RUN UPDATE (08-31-050711-02-LTI-240-000.bin)

RUN UPDATE (07-60-050609-02-LTI-240-000(US).bin)

RUN UPDATE (06-04-050328-04-LTI-240-000(US).bin)

Stepstone Firmware (PAL Firmware):
RUN UPDATE (06-45-050422-02-LTI-254-000 (EU PAL).bin)

User Interface Update (Not required for 10-79 or later firmwares):


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