C68 overview

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C68 for QDOS is a complete ANSI C development environment for use on the Sinclair QL and compatible systems. It is supported on all of the following operating systems:

If you want to know more about how C68 came into being then please read the history section of this site.

The key components of C68 for QDOS are:

A number of programs for use by experienced users Extensive documentation is provided that covers details of how C68 exploits the QDOS environment, and also all routines that are in the library. What is not provided is any documentation on standard C - you are expected to obtain this from other sources. However if you do not have a good reference book on C, then we highly recommend:
    C a reference manual (4th Edition) by Harbison and Steele
This book is not a tutorial - so do not expect to use it to teach you C. However if you want to look something up this will always give a clear description with examples of all major aspects of the language. It will tell you about how earlier versions of C are different to the current ANSI standard which can be very useful.

A feature of the "C68 for QDOS" release is that full source is available for every component of the release. For users who are not experienced in C, this provides a large quantity of sample code that can be perused for examples of useful methods and techniques. For the more experienced user this means that if any faults are found there is always the capability of fixing the source and rebuilding the component in question.

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