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This site has available for download all the files that are either a standard part of C68, or are particularily relevant to C68 developers. The downloads available are organised into the following categories:

  • C68 for QDOS: release 4.24f - the last full release
  • C68 for QDOS: updates (to the 4.24 release)
  • Optional extras
  • Developer Tools
  • Beta/Experimental software
  • There is also some "work in progress" that is not yet complete, but may well be of interest to developers working on the QDOS/SMS operating systems:
  • LIBSROFF library
  • LIBRLL library

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    C68 for QDOS - release 4.24f (31st October 1998)

    The current general distribution version of C68 for QDOS is release 4.24f. The distribution set is designed so that each downloadable archive can be unpacked onto a single 720Kb diskette. However although it is (just) possible to run C68 on a system that only has twin 720Kb floppy disks this is very awkward and it is highly recommended that you either have higher capacity floppy drives or (even better) a hard disk. In this case after unpacking the archives downloaded you can re-organise them to use less disks.


    The downloads available to make up the full release are:


    C68 for QDOS - updates

    This section has updates that have been issued for specific individual components since the 4.24 release. The following updates are currently available:


  • Make
  • CC Compiler Front-End
  • CPP Pre-Processor
  • C68 Compiler binary
  • AS68 Assemblerr
  • GWASS Assembler
  • LD Linker v2.0
  • Libraries

  • C68 LIBC library v4.24i
  • GD2 LIBC Routines (Enhanced Graphics Driver library functions)
  • WMAN LIBC routines(New WMAN functions for SMSQ/E 3.xx)
  • LIBLIST library
  • LIBDEBUG library
  • Unix like Shell
  • To use these updates you need to already have the 4.24 release, and then these replace the equivalent component from the that release. They should not be used in conjunction with any earlier release than the 4.24 release or behaviour may be unpredictable.

    Note that users of the releases up to an including 4.24c are strongly recommended to download the new 4.24f RUNTIME set of disks above. Various small problems with the startup modules could cause all programs in the C68 release to crash on particular hardware configurations.



    Additional Options

    This section covers features that are not currently part of the standard C68 release, (although they could be added to future releases). It also includes any optional add-ons that I release on a regular basis, but that will never be included in the standard C68 release. The ones currently available are:

  • C68TOOL Integrated Development Environment
  • Environment Variable Support
  • Signal Handling Support
  • QPTR Companion disk
  • QL profiller
  • CPORT support library
  • CURSES companion disk
  • George Gwilt's c68 extras

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    George Gwilt Extras

    George Gwilt has developed a number of additions for use with the standard c68 system. Most of these ship with the standard c68 releases, but George is u[dting them on a regular basis.

    This site will have the latest version that I have tested for use with c68 of the following items:

  • FPSAVE Hardware FPU support
  • GWASS Assembler
  • GWASL Assembler Lite
  • GWDISS dis-assembler
  • NETPEEK network debugger
  • GWDISP directory displayer
  • For the very latest version of any of these items, please visit George's Download pages on nthe SQLUG site.. These pages may also probably contain additional items that are not listed here.