Status of CPOC

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This section summarises the current status of CPOC.

The CPOC system is not yet on full release. The following gives information about CPOC categorised by the system that is being used to host it.

The net effect of the above is that the current release can only really be used for syntax checking (unless you are only using the system for writing Assembler and not C). However the full release should not be far of now (although I have said that before and been proved wrong!). This means it will be of limited use to many potential users, but it is enough to give you a feel for what the final version of CPOC will look like.

Once we have got the initial set of libraries out, it then becomes an incremental process of steadily upgrading the library support to add additional functions. You can therefore expect regular updates (probably at about 4-6 week intervals) of the libraries. These update releases will each add additional functions to the libraries (as well as fix any bugs found in previous releases).

Further cross-compilation variants of CPOC targeting other operating systems will depend on what collaborators can achieve. A number of people have expressed interest in porting the CPOC cross-compilation version of CPOC to other operating systems, although as far as I know no-one has actually done any work yet. The ones that are currently under consideration for additional ports are:

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